Dorothy 264/C6111, writes us that "We had a great time in Usery Mountain Park, NE of Mesa, on Sunday May 26 at the Arizona Circle Picnic. We had 13 people with Cody IDs and their spouses, plus 2 boyfriends and one not really a cousin, but related by marriage on my other side (niece by marriage of my grandmother who was a Cody member)."

"The weather was cooperative, warm but not hot, with a nice breeze. We had a ramada reserved for 5 hours, fried chicken from Albertson's, plus a lot of potluck dishes. We were even joined by past ICFA President Gerald 270/3453 and Marilyn."

She concludes with "Bill and I basically organized it, but everyone had a hand in it and all had a great time! We're all ready to organize something for next summer!"

Good for you all! That's the grassroots, pioneering spirit of just do it! Dorothy and Bill have been Active Members for years, working on the 2010 ICFA Reunion in Tucson, serving on the Executive Board and editing the Cody Review. Here's a Great Big Howdy! to recognize your contributions. Thanks again, you guys are great.

To attend or host an event like this in your region, contact us to help locate nearby members and organize upcoming events.

2013 Arizona Circle Family Protrait

Children in front: Savannah Bivens and Zamien Wild

Front Row, l to r: Michael Bivens 264/C61133, Adria Bivens holding Kylie, Julia Wild 264/C611122, Cecilia Wild 264/C611123, Dorothy Rauh 264/C6111 in her souvenir teeshirt, Sophia Wild, Marilyn Cody, Joan Moreaux

Back Row, l to r: David Lindsey, Jennifer Lindsey 264/C6115, Jason Granado, Chelsea Lindsey 264/C61151, Kelvin Pruitt, Michael Brown, Lydia Brown 264/C611121, Bill Rauh, Rose Bivens, Tom Bivens 264/C6114, Gerald Cody 270/3453, Doug Wild and Cheryl Wild 264/C61112.

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