The "Cody Family Directory" was originally compiled by Luther M. Cody 148/33, printed by Aldus M. 148/331 and published by Hiram S. 180/171 and Sherwin 148/32 in 1925 and revised in 1927.

Further editions were published in 1936, 1941 and 1952 by Ernest A. W. 273/34 and wife, Ella Jean. The "1941 Handbook-Directory" included a family tree and essays about the Association, Cody history and the Museum. The "Cody Family Association Directory" of 1952 had more information about the Association, it's constitution, bylaws and untraced male lines along with the list of descendants.

In 1954, Lydia S. Cody 148/22 published the "Cody Family in North
America", a genealogical and biographical directory, reprinted in 1967. Aldus M. and Evon G. 273/153 published the "The Directory of the Cody Family" in 1964. Aldus M. and his brother Robert S. 148/332, owners of Cody Publications, compiled and published directories in 1969, 1974, 1979, 1984, 1988, 1989, 1990 and 1998.

Aldus and Bob also republished Lydia's book in 1986 as a two-volume set. Volume 1, "Five Generations", reprinted much of the 1941 and 1954 work and featured Ernest A. W.'s 1957 tract, "The Piercing of the Veil", that establishes our lineage from Jersey. Volume 2, "Philip and Martha their Sons and Daughters", was the first directory that used the Cody ID.

The present Directory and it's companion volumes of genealogy were compiled by Barbara Metalsky, edited by Terry 270/3452 and published by Suzanna and Ron Hills for the ICFA in 2013.

The Cody Family Directory
       To Luther Morrill Cody may be attributed the idea of the Cody Family Directory. It was as he sought to increase the Association membership that the idea came to him; for, he began then to make a list of the Codys who were proven to be of our genealogical family. Soon after he started this, a Cody chart compiled by the late James L. Chapman was sent him by the Chicago Cody family (5th. gen. Hiram Cody branch), a member of which Phila Mina Cody (1850-1890) had been helpful to Mr. Chapman in collecting material for this. With the help of this chart Luther’s list was soon considerably augmented, and it then seemed to him that this should be in the hands of all interested to further the work of a complete genealogy of the family. He accordingly proceeded to prepare the list for publication as a genealogical directory, which with the financial backing of Hiram Sedgwick Cody, of Chicago, and Sherwin Cody, of New York, was printed in 1925 and soon thereafter distributed to the Association membership. This was a slender little booklet of twelve pages listing a portion of the descendants of sixteen fifth generation branches. During the more than fifteen years since this first publication two other editions have been published. The 1927 edition was more than double the 1925 booklet, listing descendants of twenty-nine fifth generation branches, and running thirty-two pages. In 1936 another edition came into being, prepared through the joint efforts of Luther Morrill Cody and Ernest William Cody, listing descendants of thirty-seven fifth generation branches and expanding to forty-eight pages. In our 1941 edition has been listed the descendants of fifty-four fifth generation branches and the responsibility for the collection and preparation of this material has been that of our Secretary-Treasurer, Ernest William Cody; in this work he has been fortunate in having the valuable help of his able wife, Ella Jean Keck Cody
       Too much importance cannot be attached to the value of these directories; they have provided the connecting links among our families, and to the originator of the idea sufficient credit cannot be extended.
—L. S. C.      
— 30 —

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