AUGUST 18, 1898
July 13, they were all ordered to Lakeland, near Tampa. Arriving July 15, the 1st Ohio encamped near Lake Hollingsworth. Today, a quarter mile south, the Cleveland Heights Golf Course is across the street from Veteran's Park.

For their own part, being "all dressed up and nowhere to go", the regiment's purposeless days added up to bad morale. Yet they serve too, those who wait. After being in Florida for a little over a month, an armistice was declared August 12, which ended the fighting. The 1st Ohio left Lakeland August 20 for Huntsville, but their train was delayed near Tampa. The ignominy of being literally, sidetracked by the Express!

On August 22, the 1st Ohio Volunteer Cavalry arrived at Huntsville, AL and was assigned to the Cavalry Brigade, 2nd Division, IV Army Corps. September 12, the regiment was ordered back to Columbus. On arriving, they were granted a 30-day furlough, effective September 14, and were mustered out October 22.

Envelope for Arthur's letter August 18, 1898
When he wrote this letter to sister Ethelind Jane, Troop A was camped at Lakeland. Florida, training and awaiting orders. Arthur is bored, but subsquently he became enthusiastic about the area's real-estate development potential.

She is 18, just graduated from high school and living in Collinwood, a neighborhood of Cleveland. Soon she would leave for college, but for now her big brother seemed so much bigger.

Arthur's letter August 18, 1898 Page 1
Lakeland Fla. Aug 18th 1898

My Dear Sister,
Your letter received
which interested me.
We are under marching
orders again, but I do not
take any stock in them.
I would like to go someplace
to get away from the flies,
they are very thick I
suppose the horses cause
them to be so thick - they are
simply terrible.
The summer is nearly
gone, that is, for you - but
not for me here in Florida.
I miss the Lake very
much The little lakes here
are too tame in one
Arthur's letter August 18, 1898 page 2
Arthur's letter August 18, 1898 page 3
Trusting this will find
you well & as good as ever
I am your loving Bro

Remember me to
everybody & kiss them
for me, you know how
I guess


The rosters of the 1st City Troop before the Spanish American War are composed almost exclusively of men who were leaders in financial and commercial enterprises in the city of Cleveland. Webb C. Hayes, son of President Hayes, was commissioned major of the 1st Ohio Volunteer Cavalry and later served as a staff officer in Cuba and Puerto Rico. Before the war, Troop A was the only cavalry organization in Ohio and so took the initiative in the reactivation of the 1st Ohio Cavalry. In a few weeks they recruited sufficient personnel to fill the ranks of three troops from the Cleveland area and 19 enlisted men of Troop A were given commissions as they entered federal service.

The work of organizing the other five troops was speedily accomplished and on 5 May 1898, the regiment assembled at Camp Bushnell, ready for service. The cavalry regiment was organized into two squadrons and mustered into general service on 9 May 1898. Captain Matthias W. Day, was commissioned Lt. Colonel of Volunteers and assigned command of the regiment.

After the War, he traveled the globe, to India and Japan, visiting Ethelind and Mary, his two missionary sisters. Such a grand tour included Europe as well.

After returning home, he re-joined his father and brothers in real estate development. In a few years, they returned to Polk County as real estate developers and planted citrus groves. This is how Cody Villa came to be.
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