The Cody Family came home to Cody July 1-4 for their biennial reunion. They came from far and wide to gather and relax for a few days in this scenic, historic place founded by Buffalo Bill in the 1890s and incorporated in 1901. There's a Cody Illinois and a Cody Nebraska as well as a Cody's Mills in Michigan, a Cody's Corners in Ontario and one in New York! Wyoming is our favorite, and for first-timers, it was odd to see the Cody name all over town!

The weather was beautiful with warm sunny days and cool nights, but at 5000 feet above sea level, you should always wear a hat and bring a jacket, sun block and sunglasses.

Monday morning we assembled ourselves on the riverbank with the River Runner guides for some whitewater rafting. River Runners was founded by Kit in 1967, he was one of the pioneers in the business!

After the day’s festivities, we had a barbeque dinner at the Paul Stock house, sang a few patriotic songs and settled back for the fireworks show.

Below, are the minutes from the Business Meeting...

CODY, WY July 1-4 2006

Business Meeting Minutes: Sunday, July 2, 2006 7:00 P.M.
The meeting convened after the Family Dinner in The Cody Club Room

Vice President Suzanna Cody, opened with greetings and thanks to everyone for coming, with special thanks to our hosts, Kit and Linda Cody, and also to our caterers, the Family Friends Janet Owen and Shannon Olin.

Suzanna also gave thanks to Margaret Mabon in recognition of her 10 years as our Secretary/Treasurer and special recognition to Lee Norwood, a Family Friend, for his services as our Genealogist. Both are retiring.

Rewards were received, Lee thanked everyone and added if there are those of you interested, he has compiled a 350 page proof sheet available to view.

Our current President, Kit Cody, took the podium and thanked the Brewer Family for the 37 people in attendance, which helped bring this Reunion into top numbers.

The Cody Family also recognized Terry Cody, who was presented a Lifetime Achivement Award by Suzanna for his contribution to the Cody Family Association.

Terry thanked everyone, saying there have been times that it has been difficult, but also rewarding. He added that our newsletter Editor, Richard Grosenbaugh is ready to retire and we are looking for someone to fill his place at the Cody Review. Someone who is good at writing and who can help assist with the 2008 Reunion to be held in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Gerald Cody then addressed us as our Past President, he had the position for 15 years. Gerald told us about our Family Crest, how it was developed in the 1930 to 1940's in the USA.

Lee Norwood told us that if we are interested in books or articles on Buffalo Bill, to go to Google.com on the Internet, where they are all on-line.

Suzanna cautioned against some bad press on Buffalo Bill, saying as the Family, we need to help keep the legacy true and alive, as Buffalo Bill is one of the most recognized people in the world.

Suzanna recognized Linda Cody as our new Secretary and Ron Hill as our new Treasurer.

Kit made the closing statements of the evening, saying he thinks we should raise Terry Cody's salary from $00 to $000 as he does such a wonderful job for us! He then gave us a little history of the Cody Club Room where we are had our dinner. In the 1950s, the Chamber of Commerce needed somewhere to hold their meetings and programs, and to this day, every Monday, they put on a lunch and meeting with some special presentation. The meeting always starts with a prayer and ends with the Pledge of Allegiance, and with that said, our President Kit Cody lead the family in the Pledge of Allegiance.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 P.M.

The International Cody Family Association