The Cody Family converged on Tucson for their biennial reunion, held April 22nd through 25th. About 40 family members registered at the Reception on Thursday in the Palm Room at the Lodge on the Desert. They came from across the continent, Massachusetts, Florida, Illinois, Ontario, North Carolina, Alberta, Nevada, California, Ohio and British Columbia. Arizona is already home to a few Codys, Gerald and Marilyn, Bill and Dorothy and the new-found Codys, Brenda and Lola.

Marilyn and Dorothy took the registration papers and passed out nametags, souvenir notepads, T-shirts and tote bags. After the initial meet-and-greet with our cousins, we settled down to a light supper of chowder, chicken, sautéed veggies, bean dip and chips.

After the trip, it was easy to get some rest, the weather being overcast, with snow in the mountains.

Bill and Dorothy said that the singer, Linda Ronstadt, came from a pioneer Tucson family and told us amusing stories about the college rivalries that repainted the big "A" on "A" Mountain over and over. They grew up here and have seen things really change as the population grew.

After a nice buffet dinner that evening, we all settled down to watch a new presentation of Buffalo Bill's life from the folks at Little Bighorn Productions entitled "Buffalo Bill, Beyond the Legend". It was interesting to see Paul Fees and Juti Winchester on-screen, both of whom had been guest speakers at past reunions.

A few of us went to the Mariachi Festival at Reid Park Saturday morning, and surprisingly, one of the bands played the Country & Western song " Orange Blossom Special".

As the sun set in a blaze of glory we headed down the slope to where the vittles had been set out under the sky. Night comes quick and the next thing we knew the stars were out, with Venus near the horizon in the west, Mars aloft and Saturn there by the Moon, all in the eyepiece of an excellent telescope!

Sunday morning we gathered at the Grace Lutheren Church for services. The young minister spoke of the responsibility of family in these uncertain times, with Jesus as the Good Shepherd. Afterwards, there was the picnic at Randolph Park, next to the Colorado Rockies baseball team's spring training ballpark at Hi Corbett Field.

At the ensuing Family Business Meeting, led by President Kit Cody, the attendees resolved to continue with the same officers and staff for two years, and sold a painting of Buffalo Bill that had been donated to the family by Kathy and Phil Cody. Terry, our Executive Director, introduced us to the new Genealogist, Barbara Metalsky from whom we learned that there are three Cody families in the US. Then he introduced Allan Cody, the Webmaster who brings you this presentation. Ron Hills, as the Treasurer, quoted a small positive balance in accounts, and Kit implored us to tell our relatives, to evangelize the apathetic and disinterested and to have a bigger and better Reunion in 2012. Toronto and Denver were suggested as destinations, and it was resolved to meet again in the summertime. Oh, and don't forget to bring the kids!

We all wish to thank Dorothy and Bill as well as Marilyn and Gerald for being such good hosts.

Oh, and it was truly wonderful to see Lee Norwood and Ruth, Happy Trails Amigos!    ...until we meet again!

The International Cody Family Association