Saddle Up for Golden's Annual Buffalo Bill Days!
Our Reunion in Golden Colorado was an outstanding success! Attendance was up to 65, the weather was good and the Buffalo Bill Days Festival was grand! The warmth and hospitality displayed by the Chamber of Commerce, the Mayor and all the local officials and all the participlants as well as the residents delighted and honored us as we took in the show.

We flew into Denver, mid-morning, and took an Uber to Golden. After settling in Wednesday afternoon, we had supper at the Table Mountain Inn with our Treasurer, Ron Hills, Secretary Dwight Cody, his wife Ina and Peter and Kathy Plautz of St. Petersburg, Florida. The bison prime rib was satisfying after a long flight from Boston.
We recognized Peter as Keith Allan Cody 206/72221, adopted by the Plautz family and now returned to us as a "lost sheep". Bless him for finding the way! He and wife Kathy volunteered to organize Thursday's Coors Brewery Tour. They live in Florida, deal in real estate and especially enjoy boating.

Thursday, Buffalo Bill Days officially began with the Golden Chamber of Commerce's "Cody Special VIP Luncheon" at the Colorado Railroad Museum where we met Annie Oakley, Chief Iron Tail, Teddy Rosevelt, Indian Bob and Buffalo Bill himself! These actors brought such wonderful atmosphere and color to this event that we invited them all to our Reception.

After some speechifying, we had a barbeque lunch, free beer, saw Annie shoot, petted the Texas longhorn bull and got our picture taken.
After chairing the Executive Board Meeting, Suzanna and Ron hosted the Registration Reception, assisted by Allan, Dwight and Ina with Terry and Janet on the door, greeting the attendees and distributing gift bags with nametags, agendas, maps and Buffalo Bill Days brochures.

We all had a great time talking to Annie Oakley, Buffalo Bill and Indian Bob Primeaux!

Ken Murray proudly exhibited "The Grandma Stubblefield Rose", a biography of his great-great-grandmother, Medicine Woman Susan Cody Sprinkles Williams Murray Stubblefield 278.
After chairing the Executive Board Meeting, Suzanna and Ron hosted the Registration Reception, assisted by Allan, Dwight and Ina with Terry and Janet on the door, greeting the attendees and distributing gift bags with nametags, agendas, maps and Buffalo Bill Days brochures.
Later that same evening, some went to the Buckhorn Exchange, a favorite Denver restaurant of Buffalo Bill's and had a convival dinner of rattlesnake, rocky mountain oysters, elk, quail and other western delicacies, surrounded by over 200 hunting trophies, taken generations ago.
Friday morning, we visited the Colorado Railroad Museum, with their Buffalo Bill exhibit and supersized model railroad. Here, the guide introduces us to the steam train ride.
All aboard! And with a toot of the whistle and clang of the bell, the engineer took us all on a steam train ride around the museum.
It was interesting and fun, so we looked at their gift shop and then went to lunch and fortified ourselves for the afternoon.

For the Wreath-Laying Ceremony, we assembled at William F. and Louisa Cody's gravesite on Lookout Mountain and awaited the procession, with great-grandchildren, Kellie and Kevin heralded by a piper and supported by Masonic and VFW dignitaries leading a rifle squad and bugler as they approached the graveside.
"Amazing Grace" faded away as Kevin and Kellie set the wreath in place and then addressed the gathered assemblage while their children wait patiently by their grandmother, Linda.

Our friend, Indian Bob Primeaux took the smoldering sage bundle, "smudged" the site with sage smoke and invoking the Great Spirit, blessed the grave and named it "this great warrior's place of rest". Next, he called us all to a "Hey Ya, Hey Ya, Hey Yo!" circle dance to celebrate this solemn moment. Then he presented Suzanna a blanket, symbolizing the security and protection a great warrior gives to his family, his people and his country.

That sacred ceremony was followed by Buffalo Bill Museum Director Steve Freisen, Mayor Marjorie Sloan, with retired CEO Terry Cody and Past President Gerald Cody speaking for the ICFA.

We concluded with the testimony of Lily Griego, Byron G. Walker and our VFW and American Legion guests, finishing with a salute from their riflemen and "Taps" by their bugler.

Following the graveside ceremony, the family visited the Museum, and Buffalo Bill's Pahaska Teepee Gift Shop Cafe while the caterers prepared our Buffalo Bill Barbecue Dinner and the Wild West set up targets for Annie Oakley's sharpshooting.

In a generous gesture, the Giftshop distributed free T-shirts to the family!

After dinner, they fired their cannon and a mountain cloudburst suddenly swept through, so we fled before the rising wind and driving rain, leaving the grave in stormy solitude.
Saturday began with the Fireman's Pancake Breakfast at Fire House No. 1.

Directly after breakfast, the parade organized itself and marched up Washington Ave. Behind Buffalo Bill, our Cody Family carried the ICFA banner, followed by the Cody Covered Wagon with Allan playing harmonica and Annie Oakley greeting the crowd, then Suzanna riding the Cody Kids Pickup Truck and our own Kellie and Kevin in the Marshall's coach.
The Best of the West Parade began more than 60 years ago as a ride through town by the Buffalo Bill Saddle Club returning from their annual pilgrmage to Buffalo Bill's grave on Lookout Mountain above Golden. Over the years, that ride through town has grown into this 2-hour parade.

Three cheers for the Buffalo Bill Saddle Club, representatives of the original inspiration for this event!

Here comes Clint Chartier riding his favorite pony, Rita. Next, the Colorado Rodeo and Gymkhana Club from nearby Brighton.
After the parade, we prepared for the Wild West Poster Show and Honors Banquet at the Table Mountain Inn.
Here, the young lady greets us as we enter Table Mountain Inn's Arapahoe Room where there's a video presentation and poster exhibit. We mingled among the Wild West Poster Exhibit to the sounds of Robbie Robertson and then seated ourselves for the Honors Dinner in the Del Rio Room.
After a satisfying dinner, Jeremy Johnson of the Buffalo Bill Center of the West spoke first, then Steve Friesen, Director of the Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave presented Dr. Robert Primeaux a poster of Buffalo Bill and Sitting Bull for Sitting Bull College in North Dakota, autographed by the attendees. Past President Harold presented a lucky bird nest to outgoing Officers, Ron and Suzanna, as a symbol of their family spirit.
Kevin Cody had presented his Buffalo Bill Legacy Gallery and everybody was still enjoying themselves when there was a call for a Family Portrait. We all assembled and sorted ourselves by height for a precious moment caught in time.
Janet Owens presented the Advisory Board's bouquet to our outgoing President Suzanna and Treasurer Ron in recognition of their full terms of service. ICFA Bylaws limit Officers terms to 6 years, and what a 6 years its been! 12 Reviews, 3 Reunions, 2 Genealogies, a Directory and more.

We wish you well in your new positions on the Advisory Board and as Directors for Related Organizations and thank you on behalf of the entire ICFA!

In closing for the speakers, Past President Gerald Cody proposed that Sunday's General Business Meeting be held forthwith, rather than the next day, a travel day for many of the attendees. This was greeted by enthusiastic applause and we caucused around the coffee urns.
As we regained our tables, Gerald called the Meeting to order, introduced the current Officers and announced the agenda for the meeting.

Gerald proceeded to conduct the election of new Officers, announcing the Executive Board's nominees of Allan Cody as President, Kevin Cody as Vice President and Dwight Cody as Treasurer. The floor's nomination of Traci Brooks for Secretary was accepted and her name was added to the ticket. One by one, the nominations were seconded and the candidates elected as a block, by the unanimous vote of the assembled membership.

Congratulations to the Officers, the ICFA welcomes their newly elected Executive Board and so our Association continues.

Happy trails 'till we meet again!

We thank Bret and Christina Hubbs for producing this wonderful video of our Golden Reunion, click here for more.

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